New and forthcoming publications from Ceres2030

New and Forthcoming Publications
The Making of a Model: integrating environmental sustainability and farmer incomes to measure the cost of ending hunger

An important early milestone in the Ceres2030 project has involved preparing the economic cost model so that it can factor in different kinds of public policy interventions, which first requires defining them in a way that functions appropriately for the model; integrating key data related to the achievement of SDG targets 2.3 and 2.4 on agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability; and incorporating sample country data that will allow for making the necessary projections of the cost of ending hunger.

The current versions of chapters 1, 3, and 5 are now available in the below table of contents. Ceres2030 will soon publish the remaining chapters, as well as a full-length version of the entire publication.

Executive Summary (forthcoming)
Chapter 1: Defining Public Policy Interventions
Chapter 2: The Baselines for the Model (forthcoming)
Chapter 3: Selection of Sample Countries for the Model
Chapter 4: How We Plan to Increase Incomes and Productivity for Small-Scale Producers (forthcoming)
Chapter 5: How We Plan to Integrate Environmental Sustainability
Chapter 6: The Scenarios for the Model
Conclusions (forthcoming)